What Makes Us Different?


The original format of The Senator family style menu was created in 1929.  The menu has been often copied by other restaurants but our standards have never been emulated.   We want you to know about the pride we take in what we do and why there is a difference in what happens here and the quality of our food. We encourage you to ask us any questions about our ingredients or cooking standards and compare that with any other restaurant.

1. Fresh Hand Squeezed Orange Juice

The only ingredient in our orange juice is the juice from oranges squeezed fresh on site at the bar.  Other restaurants claim to serve fresh orange juice if it is not from concentrate but most orange juice that is advertised as fresh has been squeezed in a factory somewhere at some time, it has been genetically processed and shipped here from the United States with a two month expiry date.

 2. We purchase our organic milk from Sheldon Creek Dairy in Caledon, ON.

Our milk contains one thing only…milk. The Sheldon Creek Dairy is one of only three farms in Ontario that directly sell their pasteurized milk.  The other 4000 farms sell their milk through the Ontario milk marketing board where it is processed and packaged in a factory.  Our milk has an expiry date of two weeks…so we purchase it every week

3. Our coffee is fresh roasted and delivered twice a week by Dark City Coffee.

4. 100% pure maple syrup.

The maple syrup  we purchase from the Haggert Farm in Ontario is the purest product we sell.  It takes 40 gallons of sap from a maple tree to produce one gallon of maple syrup and the finished product is loaded with natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Maple flavoured syrup is boiled sugar and water with artificial flavors and colours; it is loaded with calories and has zero nutritional value.  Notwithstanding that it takes 20 years for a maple tree to mature before it can produce syrup it takes hundreds of man hours to process pure maple syrup.

 5. 100% organic honey.

Our honey is produced at our farm in Caledon, ON from our own apiary.  The bees feed on hundreds of acres of organic wildflowers and the honey is classified as “white” honey which is the highest grade organic honey that is produced in Canada.

6. No processed cheese here; only 100% Canadian cheddar, swiss etc.

Real cheese is made from the milk of various animals. It is naturally aged in a time honoured manner that is strictly supervised. Processed cheese is milk that has been chemically treated and  artificially flavoured with added preservatives

7. We purchase the beef for our burgers from Cumbrae’s farm.

We do not grind our beef for burgers. There are certain specialized functions that need to be done by a professional and this is one of them. So when it comes to the handling, care, storage of ground meat  and then cleaning the equipment we want someone who knows what they’re doing to be doing that.

8. We smoke fresh Atlantic salmon on-site.

9. All of our baking, soups, stocks, sauces and batters for pancakes, waffles and fish are made in-house from scratch.

10. We only serve omega 3 eggs and we hand cut fresh potatoes for fries; fried in 100% vegetable oil.